Sunday, March 9, 2008

Jump on the Bandwagon!

Our kids and nieces, nephews, etc. are all jumping on
the blog bandwagon so we thought we'd better take
the leap as well. With Tara's help, here it goes!
We are big Red Sox Fans! Don't you just love
this picture? These were taken in October
of 2007.

Travis, Liz and Baylee (the cutest baby ever) are living
in Draper and planning their upcoming move back
to Davis County. Hooray!

Wade and his fiance Shayla Taggart (soon to be Steed)
are busy planning their May 10 wedding.

Tara and Dan were married on June 8th and enjoying life
as a married couple!
Kelsey is a junior in high school and enjoying life with friends and
the drill team! She is currently preparing for her dance concert.


Darbee and Zach said...

Hey you guys! I just saw your site off of Kami's and had to peak in to say Hi! Congrats on your BeAuTiFuL baby girl. She is adorable. I love the pictures and am so glad you are now blogging so I can check in on your family every now and again. It looks like things are going well for you all. Congrats again!
Love, Darbee (Miller) Beynon
Tell "Mama Steed" hello for me!
And check out our blog if you want:
Happy Blogging!

Darbee and Zach said...

Duh...I thought this was Travis's blog but it is yours! Hello to you all! I can't believe how your family has grown. Boy, does time fly! Congratulations to all of you!

Dan and Tara said...

If I might say so myself Mommy, we're a very cute family! Especially that baby! Love you!

AndrEw&MeKenziE said...

Shauna! What a cute blog... I love your family. I just want to make sure you have Kelsey call me when she starts selling concert tickets because I would really love to go.
Love, MeKenzie

Whitney said...

Hello Mama Steed! I also got your link off of Kami's site! Travis's baby is adorable, and how fun for you to be a grandma!! Your family is darling and I love the Red Sox pictures...true fans! Well feel free to check in on my little family..just me and my hubby for now!