Thursday, January 29, 2009

January News

WARNING - Some of the images below may cause some squeamishness. Please use caution when viewing!

January has been an interesting month. Val and I traveled to Vail with his partners for their annual CPE and ski conference. We enjoyed skiing and spending time with Sandy and Will, our dear friends from Louisiana. We only had one mishap, when a snowboarding instructor cut me off and I made a spectacular crash. Fortunately it was not recorded on film so there are no pictures.

After returning home, Val was scheduled for surgery to fuse the 4 cervical vertebrae in his neck. He had been experiencing numbness and pain in his arms for quite some time and it was determined by his neurologist that this was the answer. The surgery went well and he is feeling much better and recovering nicely. Here comes the squeamish part!

They go in through the front of the neck - not the back like you would think!

Val is now part robot - he has titanium rods and screws holding up his head! Fortunately, his doctor has assured him that he will not set off the airport metal detectors!

On the lighter side, Kelsey won the Region One Drill Down last week! She competed against every single drill team member in the Region (approximately 170 girls) and came out on top. If any of you have ever watched a drill down, you realize the level of concentration and discipline that this requires.

She won this awesome t-shirt and a certificate. She was also named to the all-region drill team and received a certificate for that. Kelsey, we are so proud of you!


Mike and Kira said...

I'm glad the surgery went well! Tara told me about this whole winning the drill down stuff, and I am disappointed that they don't give her a car or something for winning that! I always sucked at drill down (among other things) so I think it's really impressive! I'm happy that you're so excited to make these cupcakes! Thanks so much for your help and letting us use all of your fancy paper and stuff!

Dan and Tara said...

Okay so those pictures will always make me want to gag. I just can't handle squishy inside medical pictures. I feel so bad Dad is part robot! But I'm glad he's feeling better.

Darrik and Kami said...

Squimishness is right! Poor Val. I'm glad things are getting better for him. I need to bring our little guy over to see you before he is too huge. And that will be tomorrow. So we'll have to come over the next time we are visiting my parents. We love you guys. Congrats Kelsey! That is so cool!

Garrett and Makell said...

Wow!! I'm super glad the surgery went well!! That's really crazy!