Saturday, May 16, 2009

Lakeview Open Champs!

Yesterday Val, Travis, Wade and Dan (team Steed) participated in our annual ward golf tournament, the Lakeview Open. They have come so close to winning several times and this year were out to take home the top prize. Apparently they were on their game and golfing out of their heads because they beat several good teams and were victorious. Congratulations to our guys! We are proud of you. They are already looking to defending their title next year! This is Dan's awesome tee shot. Look how close he is to the pin!
Too bad it wasn't a hole in one!


Dan and Tara said...

oh dear....these boys. They are so silly!

The Peay Family said...

I wondered what all the yelling & screaming was as they pulled into the driveway...Congrats Team Steed!

Nate & Mandi said...

Ha ha your boys are so funny! And so good at golf! Good job to them! And I will help Kelsey with nursing school if she wants the help! It was SO hard to figure out by myself- so if you guys ever have questions about where to go or who to talk to just let me know! Nursing school is really just a bunch of hoops... but once you are done it is great! :)