Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Let's Take a Trip!

A recent article on made the statement that experiences, in the long run, "make people happier than possessions". For me, at least, that statement rings true. Think for a moment about purchasing a new sofa. Of course, you wanted the new sofa and enjoy shopping to select the perfect one. You look forward to the day it will be delivered and can't wait to sit on it and admire it in your room. But as time passes, you get over the newness, the excitement wears off. Experiences on the other hand, create memories - often happy ones - that remain with you long after the event has occurred.

Experiences also provide a sense of "relatedness" to others. Sure sitting on the sofa with your spouse may make you feel close to that person, but not the way a shared adventure can bring you closer to friends and family.

Val and I just returned from a week-long vacation to Nauvoo with a couple with whom we have been close friends for over 25 years. Many years ago, in 1989 to be exact, we took a vacation with them to the East Coast. We left six children (3 each) behind in the care of loving grandparents and set off on our great adventure. We were gone 10 days and enjoyed many great experiences from Maine to New York. Before we set off on our most recent trip, I pulled out the old photographs from the trip all those years ago. What fun it was to look through those photos and relive all the fun we had!

Our most recent vacation with our friends was just as fun as the one we took 22 years ago. Once again, the guys rode in the front, the girls in the back. We talked and laughed as we drove. It was different however, in that we left no little ones behind. We did not feel the need to check in to see if our children were all right and not giving grandma a hard time. This new sense of freedom felt great. Don't let anyone kid you, it's great to be able to travel without worrying about the little children you left at home (or worrying about the people you left them with). We enjoyed every minute of our trip.

I've posted a few pictures from our 1989 trip and some from our 2011 trip. Please don't be alarmed at how youthful we once looked. Yes, it is sad that we have gotten older - but it happens.

Here we are on the USS Massachusetts (Big Mamie) in Fall River, MA. Apparently, we couldn't find anyone to take a group shot because this is the ONLY picture we have of all four of us.
We went to New York City and spent one day there sightseeing. This is the picture of the skyline of lower Manhattan at that time. I find it quite poignant that we flew home from our 2011 trip on September 11, 2011.

Here are Kevin, Shauna (yes her name is Shauna too) and I on the top of the World Trade Center. I am so glad that I had the opportunity to ride to the top of that building and look out over New York City. This is a memory I will always cherish.

Kevin, Shauna and Val on top of the world.


At the airport before flying to St. Louis.

At the Nauvoo visitor's center with an original sunstone from the Nauvoo temple.

The four of us at Carthage Jail.

At Joseph Smith's Red Brick Store enjoying a Root Beer.

Graves of Hyrum, Joseph and Emma Smith

Inspiration Point overlooking the Mississippi River

The Nauvoo Temple at night

The Shaunas in front of the Hotel Nauvoo

The four of us in front of the Willard Richards Inn after our private tour.

Yes, we are literally in the top of the St. Louis Arch!

Busch Stadium - Cardinals vs. Braves

Our trip to Nauvoo and the Church History Sites was something I had wanted to do for years. It was an amazing experience and I will cherish the memories of the special, sacred feelings I had while I was there. I am also so grateful for the time Val and I had to spend together. We seldom get to travel when it is not work-related, so this trip was a special treat to be able to spend every day together. And finally, I will treasure the time we spent with our friends. This trip was worth more to me than any furniture or car. Now I can't wait to plan our next trip!

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Kiki said...

I love the pictures from your last trip, you guys do look young!
We went to Nauvoo the summer before my senior year and it was amazing despite the terrible heat! We went in July and a lot of the time I spent complaining to my parents about how hot it was! Looks like a fun trip!