Friday, August 1, 2008

Our Nation's Capitol

My sister, Raegan, invited Kelsey and I to accompany her and her girls to Washington DC for a week while her husband, Kirt was there on business. We jumped at the chance and off we went. What a wonderful trip. It was so fun to travel all over the DC area with my sister and nieces as we took in all the amazing things Washington has to offer. We did it all - the monuments, the White House, the Capitol, Arlington Cemetary, the Smithsonian, Mt. Vernon, the Holocaust Center, Amish country, a baseball game, the Pentagon, a play at the Kennedy Center, the list goes on and on. I think the highlight of the trip for me was our trip to Gettysburg. We had the most amazing tour guide. He drove the van and gave us a two and a half hour tour of the battlefields. What a storyteller - he really brought the battle to life for us. The girls loved it. I learned so much. Kelsey loved the Holocaust Center. She had really been looking forward to going there. All in all it was an incredible trip. We had so much fun with Kirt, Raegan and the girls. We so appreciate them including us in this great adventure!
Raegan and I at the WWII Memorial. I had never
seen it before and it was very impressive.
We walked down King Street in Arlington and
got caught in a RAINSTORM. Look at us -
we're soaked to the skin!

Camden Yards - Baltimore Orioles vs. LA Angels
The Angels won 6-5
We are wearing our "Come Fly With Me
DC '08" t-shirts!

The girls at Gettysburg with our
awesome tour guide, Jeff Kelly.

All of us at Gettysburg. In the background is the
field where General Pickett led the famous
Pickett's Charge.

Mount Vernon was very interesting. I really
enjoy touring old colonial homes.

Our group in front of the
Washington DC temple.

Hayley, Elise, Erica and Kelsey strike a pose at
the Roosevelt Memorial.

Kelsey and I in front of the pool by the Jefferson
Memorial with the Washington Monument in
the background. Kind of a cool shot!

Kelsey and I at the Pentagon. This is the ONLY location
they will let you take a picture! The tour was very
interesting, particularly the section of the building
damaged by the attack on 9/11.


Darrik and Kami said...

It looks like you had a ton of fun on your trip! I really like that picture of you and Kelsey in front of the Washington Memorial. Way cool shot!!

Dan and Tara said...

Haha, you guys look like you entered into a wet t-shirt contest or something in the rainstorm picture! you guys look hot wet!

Matt and Nicole said...

Looks like a fun trip, I have always wanted to go to DC.

Mike & Kira said...

What a fun trip! I had to listen to Tara complain about how she didn't get to go the whole time you were gone! Haha! Even though I don't work with Tara, I will still see you because I am still addicted to your Mary Higgins Clark books! I'm on my fifth or sixth now, so if you're not too mad at me for not working with Tara anymore, maybe I can come visit you and your library still?...

The Other Steeds said...

Looks like a fun trip! I'm jealous