Thursday, November 6, 2008

4.0 - AllState Drill - Student of the Month!

Congratulations to Kelsey for achieving a 4.0 GPA this term. Val and I are so proud of her we decided to take her on a trip to New York City. (we were already going with Advanced Dance)

Last night Kelsey auditioned for the All-State Drill Team and was chosen as one of the members from a field of over 70 girls. (I had to edit this post after Tara reminded me of that)

Kelsey was also named Student of the Month for November at Viewmont. Thanks Kelsey, for being such a good student and outstanding person. Val and I love having Kelsey around to comfort us in our old age. She is such a fun girl. Great Job Kelsey! It has been a big week. We are very proud of you.


Dan and Tara said...

Dont forget she is also an ALL STATE DRILL CHAMPION! WOO WOOO!

Mike and Kira said...

That's cool, she did great last night! 2 things Shauna:
1. I saw your comment on Tara's blog that you're "too old" to do that tag, whatever I would love to hear how you guys met!
2. Why am I not on your list of favorite people? Am I not a favorite...after all this time and the egg salad sandwiches and everything? Tear...

Nathan and Lara said...

Don't you just hate overacheivers? Gosh Kelsey... Just kidding! Congratulations to Kelsey! She makes us all look good.