Sunday, November 9, 2008

How We Met Tag

Thank you, Kira for telling me I am not too old for this. I love blog tags and those fun emails where you have to answer questions about yourself. I have learned a lot about my friends and family that way. Here is the story of Val and I!

1. Where did you meet? We met at a Young Adult Fireside in Garland, Utah. Val had been home from his mission about three months and I had just graduated from high school and had been named first runner-up to (don't laugh) Miss Wheat and Beet Days the night before. Val had dated everyone in Brigham City and had come to find new women. A guy he was working with told him to come to Young Adults and he would introduce him to some girls. Val saw me and said he wanted to meet me. He knocked on the window of my friend's car and asked if he could take me home. I went with him and my friends were shocked!

2. What was your first thought when you met? I thought he was cute and I liked that he was from Brigham City, not Tremonton or Garland.

3. Do you remember what he/she was wearing? Not really, this was a long time ago folks. He must have had on dress pants and a shirt and tie. Maybe he was wearing that light blue suit that he had back then. I do remember what I was wearing. It was a brown dress and I really liked it.

4. Where was the first time you kissed this person? He kissed me on the forehead on our first date. We were at a Young Adult dance. The first time I kissed him was in his car. I can't remember if it was the first or second date.

5. Where did you go for your first date? As I said before, a Young Adult dance. I had been dating another guy and Val asked me to the dance before Jon did. Jon was really mad.

6. When were you officially a "couple"? We met in August and started at USU the end of September. We were pretty much a couple by then.

7. How did he/she ask you out? When he took me home from Young Adults he just asked me if I wanted to go to the dance next weekend. Of course, I said yes.

8. Has this person ever proposed to you? Heck yes, we've been married for 28 years! We had already decided that we were getting married, but I didn't have a ring yet. My mom said she was not writing one check for the wedding until I had a ring on my finger. Val picked me up for dinner. While we were driving there, he gave me a white rose and told me he loved me. (The white rose is the symbol of the Sweetheart of Sigma Chi, his fraternity) I smelled it (which he knew I would do) and there was my ring in the middle of the rose. He asked me to marry him. The rest is history.

9. Do you and this person have kids together? Yes, we have four lovely children - Travis, Wade, Tara and Kelsey. Two darling daughters-in-law, Liz and Shayla. One awesome son-in-law, Dan. One perfect granddaughter, Baylee.

10. Have you ever broken the law with this person? Wow, I don't think so. Val is a pretty law-abiding citizen.

11. When was the first time you realized you liked this person? On our first date. He was and is a great dancer and we had so much fun together.

12. Do you get along with his family? Yes, his parents have always been so nice to me. I love my sister and brother in law and I adore my nieces and nephews. We have girls' nights all the time and they are some of my favorite times.

13. Do you trust this person? As I said before he obeys the law. I trust him with the big things in life totally. However, sometimes I can't trust him to remember to do things around the house, or run errands for me. He is a little forgetful sometimes.

14. Do you see him/her as your partner in the future? Of course, we have been together 28 years, why start over now? I keep telling him that he is not leaving me to deal with everything by myself. We started this together, by dang we're going to finish it together!Seriously, I am so glad that I have someone to grow old with. We have been through a lot together and that bonds a couple in a special way.

15. What is the best gift he gave you? The best material gift is my beautiful 25th anniversary ring - I love it! The best gifts of all have been my four children. I love them, too.

16. What is one thing he does that gets on your nerves? Anyone who knows us at all can answer this - he picks out his whiskers when he is nervous, worried, upset, etc. It drives me absolutely CRAZY. I am always saying "Val quit picking your chin!"

17. Where do you see each other 15 years from now? Hopefully still alive and still married. I hope we have lots more grandchildren. I would like to be able to travel alot and take our family with us. We will still be living in this house because we hate moving. I hope Val has retired and that we have enough money that we don't have to eat cat food (that is a joke of ours).

18. What causes the most arguments? When I am "mean" to Val. He is very sensitive about that. Also, his grouchiness.

19. How long have you been together? Married for 28 years and 7 months. Dated for 21 months before that.

20. Are you married? Boy are we! May 17, 1980.

I tag Shauna Robins and Cindy Peay. (They are my only friends who have blogs)


Dan and Tara said...

Mom i am so glad you did this tag! I never said you were too old! You just can't shimmy and shake your bon-bons at Vykelles!

Mike and Kira said...

Yes Shauna, you did this tag! I loved reading your love story! My parent's first date was also a young adult dance, that's so funny! That's awesome that you've been married over 28 years, I hope Mike and I are as happy as you guys are when we get that far in 26 more years!