Friday, December 5, 2008

Thanksgiving in New York

Val, Kelsey and I just returned from the Advanced Dance trip to New York. What a wonderful vacation. We left two days before the rest of the group so that we could be there for Thanksgiving and see the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. (It was our married kids year with their in-laws) We saw the parade from our hotel window. What a great view! We enjoyed Thanksgiving dinner at the buffet at the Marriott Marquis with Rachel and Kailey Johnson. Tara and the rest of the group joined us the day after Thanksgiving.

Val, Rachel and I at the Marriott Thanksgiving buffet. We had a great view of Broadway and the dinner was fabulous.

Val, Kelsey and I on top of the Empire State Building.
All of us before seeing the Lion King. What an amazing show. The costuming was absolutely incredible. My favorite animal was the giraffe. It moved exactly like a real giraffe. Timon and Pumba were great, too.

We toured Radio City Music Hall. After the tour we got to meet a Rockette. Aftaer we got home, we watched the tree lighting at Rockefeller Center and saw "our Rockette" dancing after they lit the tree. Val said Radio City was the highlight of his trip.

We also saw White Christmas. This is one of our all-time favorite Christmas movies so it was fun to see the play version. The tap dancing in this show was incredible. It was so fun to see during the holidays.

We had a really fun group dinner at Carmine's. Great Italian food! Here we are with Bon Pierce, the mastermind of the whole trip. Thanks, Bon for such a wonderful experience!

Rachel suggested we try to get into a taping of Live With Regis and Kelly. We got up at 5:30 a.m. to stand in line and we got in! It was so fun to see what goes on off camera. Regis and Kelly are great. Rachel, LeeAnn, Sharon and I before the show started.

The Christmas Spectacular at Radio City truly was spectacular. It has been one of my "bucket list" items to see this show. Radio City is so beautiful and the Rockettes were absolutely perfect. I have to admit, I did tear up a little bit the first time I saw them on stage. Here are Val and I in front of the amazing stage. This picture doesn't do it justice. We had such a great time.


Mike and Kira said...

I didn't know you got to go to Regis & Kelly! That whole trip looks like it was a blast! You should have put me in your suit case! And you need to see Twilight, super cheesy but fun!

Dan and Tara said...

I definitely don't miss the hotel! Why cant the world be filled with Marriotts?

Wade and Shayla Steed said...

I have been waiting to have a few seconds to look at your New York Pictures! Of course I got jealous when I saw all your cute pictures...but I am glad you guys had fun! I am happy you are home now tho! Well, kind left again! Thanks again for the purse tho...I absolutly love it!

Darrik and Kami said...

Can we say Jealous!! Thanksgiving in New York. Sooo much fun! All your pictures are so cute. It looks like you had a blast. And no, I'm not giving up on blogging. I'm just super slow at posting. Time managment is a beast with a baby. LOL!!

Nathan and Lara said...

Oh I am so jealous! Seeing the Radio City Christmas Spectacular is sort of on my bucket list, it is on my list of things to do before I have children, as is the Macy's Parade. Look at you guys livin the dream. Anyway, it looks like you had fun! When I come home I would definitely accompany you to see Twilight, I can't get enough of Edward!