Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What do YOU absolutely LOVE?

Here are some things that I truly, truly LOVE . . .

I LOVE hanging out in bookstores. I could spend hours

there looking at books and trying to decide which

ones to buy.

I LOVE the sound of bagpipes. When I hear them, I get

that funny tingly feeling in my tummy . The bagpipe

band is my favorite part of any parade.

And speaking of parades, I absolutely LOVE the

4th of July.

I think it my favorite holiday. I love the color scheme,

the parades,

the food, patriotic songs, fireworks, the whole deal.


I am obsessed with making photo books. I LOVE it!

I will make them

for any reason and for anyone.

Go ahead and ask me - I will

make one for you!

I LOVE to order cranapple juice and sprite when I

travel on an airplane. Never drink it any other time,

but boy oh boy, I sure love it at 30,000 feet!


I adore the smell of lilacs. I love to bury my face in

them and take a long deep breath. It is


I LOVE foot massages - but then who doesn't?


I really, really LOVE good creme brulee. It is hard

to find. The best kind has the really crunchy


And last but not least, I LOVE finding a bargain - combing

through clearance racks, getting a huge % off, buy one

get one free!


Kiki said...

Cute post Shauna! I love that you only drink that one a plane, I only drink Gingerale on planes, haha! Independence Day is also my favorite holiday!

Maclaine & Sara said...

Looking for delicious creme burlee? Go to Christopher's Steakhouse...it's Maclaine's favorite. And, it has a crunchy topping. :)

Maclaine & Sara said...

Oops, I meant "brulee" :)