Thursday, June 19, 2008

Summertime is Here!

Now that it's summer (YAY) Travis decided that we should take Baylee to the Farmington Pool. We all thought it was a great idea so the whole family suited up and headed over. Baylee was so excited to wear her cute new pink bikini.

Travis and Liz bought her this cute ladybug floatie complete with sunshade. We all had such a good time pushing her around in the water and laughing at her reactions and expressions. Being grandparents is soooooooo much fun! Of course, all our friends told us it was, but I guess you just have to find these things out for yourself.

Baylee and Grandma had such a good time!

Travis and his little dolphin.

After her fun afternoon Baylee enjoyed a cherry sno-cone and a snuggle with her Uncle Wade.

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Mike & Kira said...

What a beautiful little girl! Thanks again for the egg salad sandwich, it was amazing! I will come to the Steed kitchen in the future I'm sure, as long as it doesn't smell like eggs! Haha! Just kidding!