Thursday, June 26, 2008

Public Transportation - Is it for You?

Our latest family activity involved trying something new. Although Val and I don't spend a lot of time commuting, our married kids do with traveling to work, school, etc. We decided that in order to be responsible citizens we should try to become educated about the new options with public transportation that are available to us now here in Utah.

As we have traveled to different cities in the US, we have used the subway systems in Boston, Washington DC, and New York and appreciate what they have to offer. We organized the family and decided to take the Frontrunner from Woods Cross into Salt Lake. Then we got on TRAX and took it over to the Gateway for dinner and a movie. Travis and Liz took TRAX from Draper and met us at the Gateway. Here is our group after purchasing our Frontrunner tickets, waiting to board the train.

The Frontrunner was great. The cars are really comfortable and spacious. The entire trip from Woods Cross to the Gateway took less than 30 minutes. Wade is our resident public transportation expert and served as our guide on our adventure. It was very easy and quite enjoyable. Here we are having fun during the trip!

Some of the seats have tables which I think look perfect for a quick game of cards. Unfortunately, we didn't have any with us so Tara, Dan, Kelsey and Danny just had to smile and make the best of it.


Dan and Tara said...

GOOD JOB MOM! You did a post all by yourself! I wasn't even home when you did it! I am so proud of you. The post is fabulous! I told you that you have computer skills! That was a fun activity. Thanks for planning it! :)

Nathan and Lara said...

Way to be environmentally friendly and efficient family! I am inspired.

Matt and Nicole said...

I have been wanting to ride that sometime too! Hopefully it doesn't become too popular because Matt still needs to sell lots of cars! :)

Wade and Shayla said...

Your page looks so awesome! I have not even seen any of the wedding or Fathers Day stuff either, that is how lame I am and my page is bad...I am updating it as soon as I learn how to do cool stuff. But I LOVE all your awesome pictures at the frontrunner station!