Saturday, July 5, 2008

Congratulations, Kelsey!

June 30 through July 3 Kelsey attended drill camp. This was her third year at BDT (Basic Dance Training) For the third year in a row, she was selected to participate in Top Corps. Teams can enter several girls. Camp directors teach them a challenging combination to perform. The top 25 is selected. They are taught additional choreography. Then the top five performers are chosen. Kelsey made top 25 all three years and top five her junior and senior year. I guess all those years of dance lessons are really beginning to pay off. She also participated in the camp drill down and was one of the top five finishers there also. It was a great way for her to finish her last camp. This picture is of Kelsey, Kailey and Marynn with their drill down medals. Viewmont had three of the top five finishers!

Top C.O.R.P.S.
Top five finishers

Kelsey, we're proud of you!


Dan and Tara said...

Kelsey pretty much rocks :)

Nathan and Lara said...

Yeah, Kelsey does rock. I pretty much love her. Don't tell her that though, we don't want her getting an ego or anything.