Monday, June 6, 2011

Baby Feet Shower

May is always a busy time of year with sports starting up, end of year programs, awards banquets, dance recitals, etc. And of course, showers! During May I gave two different showers. This post is about my Baby Feet Shower. Here are the invitations I created. I was under a huge time constraint so there was no time to order or make the invitations. Since I come up with very few original ideas, I shocked myself by creating this invitation. I found a photo on Google of baby feet, saved it in Picnik, did a little editing, and added the text and the borders. I saved it as a jpeg file, sent it to Costco for printing and in just about 4 hours from start to finish, I had my invitations!

I gave the shower with my sister-in-law, my daughter and my niece. This is what greeted our guests when they arrived!

Mom-to-be baby feet sash.

Cake pop favors!

I made this banner and it was so cute but you can't really tell because of the backlighting.

Our baby feet cookies.

Baby feet cupcakes!

My niece Lara came up with these beautiful and delicious strawberry parfaits. They were fantastic!

Pink candy!

We did eat more than sweets!

It was such a fun shower to plan. The four of us had a great time putting it together!

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Kathleen said...

Beautiful! You are so talented and creative, Shauna! xoxo