Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Best Friends and Roommates

As some of you may know, my sister-in-law Sherry Young, writes a column for the Deseret News. A couple of years ago, she published this article about children growing up and becoming your best friends. At the time, I felt impressed to save the article and am so glad I did. All four of my children are married now and gratefully, to people that I truly love and enjoy as individuals. I feel so blessed to have two darling daughters-in-law who are righteous mothers to my grandchildren, hard working and who love and care for my sons. I am also fortunate to have two sons-in-law who are righteous priesthood holdres, treat my daughters like queens and who will watch baseball games with me. I love spending time with my married children and their spouses. We play and laugh and enjoy one anothers' company.

In the LDS Church's Proclamation on the Family it states, "the family is ordained of God". It also states "we warn that the disintegration of the family will bring upon individuals, communities and nations the calamities foretold by ancient and modern prophets". The proclamation also tells us that "extended families should lend support when needed"

And that's why I'm writing this post. At different times, all our married children have had to live with us for a period of time in order to save money for a home. Currently, Kelsey and Kyle are living with us for that purpose. They moved in to stay this past weekend. Val and I are so happy that we have accommodations for our children in our basement that provide adequate privacy for them and for us. We are grateful that we can assist our children in this way so that they can purchase their own homes. We look forward to the time spent helping and counseling them as they prepare to make BIG CHANGES in their lives.

I am sure that as our older marrieds prepare to make the transition from "starter homes" into more spacious long-term family homes, we will be called upon again to provide a landing spot for them. And we will do it gladly.

Here is the link to Sherry's article. Take the time to read it - it's well worth it.



Centerville FSA said...

You have such a fun family, I think it is great that you all are close and enjoy spending time together. I also think it is great of you to open your house to your kids when needed. Such a good mom!

Centerville FSA said...

P.S. This is Kira, I'm signed in under my "Families Supporting Adoption" account and didn't know it! Haha!

Kyle and Kelsey said...

I like being roommates :) we get waffles on Sunday mornings!