Monday, June 27, 2011


Thank goodness, it's finally here! SUMMER - That much anticipated long awaited season where bare feet, popsicles, wet swimsuits, and picnics are the order of the day. Here in Utah, we have to wait a looooong time for actual summer weather to arrive. We must suffer through January, February, and March with their wind, snow, temperature inversions and other kinds of horribly depressing weather. Then there are April and May which should be mild, spring-like months but are actually just extensions of January, February and March. Even when June finally arrives, we cannot count on Mother Nature to give us what we want - SUMMER! Sunshine, gentle breezes, warm temperatures . . . you know - SUMMER. But, thank goodness, summer has finally arrived in Utah. Sun, blue skies, temperatures in the high 80's S.U.M.M.E.R. Here are some rules (or more like guidelines) for making your summer the best it can be!

1. Go to the pool once a week. Preferrably with little kids. Read, nap, eat. I totally love it.
2. Go barefoot every second that it is possible, especially when walking on grass.
3. Get a pedicure and never wear socks (unless you have to in your running shoes)
4. Eat all the watermelon you possibly can.
5. Squeeze a lime wedge in your drinks. Lime makes everything taste better and more summery.
6. Take a blanket out on your lawn and lay on it and read a book. Then when you get sleepy, put the book down and fall asleep.
7. Listen to Jimmy Buffett.
8. Open the sun roof in your car even when the A/C is on.
9. Get a tan or use self tanner. Summer is more fun with a tan.
10. Celebrate the 4th of July - really celebrate. Go to a parade, have a barbeque, light fireworks, sing patriotic songs at the top of your lungs (my personal fav is "You're a Grand Old Flag".
11. Go to a live baseball game - little league, AAA, Major League - it doesn't matter. Eat a hot dog and sing "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" (or "Sweet Caroline" if you're lucky enough to be at Fenway Park).
12. Eat a sno-cone or shave ice. Eat more than one.

I COULD go on, but you get the idea. Have a wonderful summer!


Kiki said...

I love summer time! And I really like your rules for summer, they are all just how summer should be! I want to hear you sing the grand ol' flag song! Please!!!

Kyle and Kelsey said...

Oh Kiki (not my mom Kiki, the other one) you should hear her sing it. Bright and early on the 4th of July. I love Patriotism.