Friday, September 12, 2008

Home Improvement

Since I have worked so hard to make my kids' homes cute, I decided that my own home needed some serious work. I decided to start with my laundry room. I wish I had taken some "before" photos. I checked some design sites on the internet and they suggested that since the laundry room is a room that not many visitors see, it was a room that you could have a lot of fun with. They suggested bright, fun colors and I took their advice. The color I chose is called "Utah Sky". It is such a bright, happy color. I really like the way the room turned out. I have never minded doing laundry too much, but now I love being in my pretty, blue laundry room!

I really like this part of the room, especially
the picture over the sink.
I love this vinyl saying! I found it on the internet. The wall is actually the same lovely blue as the rest of the room. I don't know why it looks so weird in this picture.


Matt and Nicole said...

The laundry room looks so good. I am glad to see you get to do something for yourself! You are always being such a wonderful mom that it doesn't leave much time for YOU!

Dan and Tara said...

Very cute mommy! I am glad you went with the Utah Sky! Enough of the dark drab colors! Brighten it up! I love the picture above the sink!

Mike & Kira said...

Cute Shauna! I can just see you washing your clothes in that cute room! I almost gave in to my craving for a Starbucks Double Chocolate Chip drink today, but decided my body couldn't handle that much chocolate today! Maybe tomorrow, I love those things!