Thursday, September 18, 2008

I Love Legacy !

The new Legacy Parkway opened on September 13. Val, Kelsey and I took a Sunday drive to try it out. My evaluation - WONDERFUL ! It is a much-needed, beautiful stretch of highway from Farmington to I-215. I can't believe that it's completion has been postponed for so long.
On Monday I took Val to the airport and we used Legacy. The traffic moved smoothly, and we got to the airport in record time. I was back home before I knew it. Coming home from Idaho on Monday afternoon (5:45 p.m.) I used Legacy. There was no traffic. I could see northbound I-15 moving smoothly and without backup. I couldn't believe it. As you can tell, I'm very excited about this road. Finally - driving in Davis County is not torture any more!
Today I took my bike out to try the biking/running trail that runs adjacent to the highway. It is GREAT ! Our area has been in need of something like this for many years. I saw people biking, walking, and running. There were workers all along the path working on landscaping, finishing touches, etc. This is going to be an amazing thing for our area. Try it out - you'll be hooked, too!


Dan and Tara said...

Legacy is definitely a gift from the heavens! I love it.

Wade and Shayla Steed said...

I love it so so so so so so much!!! I can get home from work in 13 minutes! Incredible!