Monday, September 29, 2008

Our New Deck!

Perhaps it was because of my threats to pour
gasoline on our deck and set it on fire, Val decided to tear apart our old deck and build a new one out of Trex. Trex is an awesome new building material that needs NO MAINTENANCE. We will never have to sand or stain our deck again! Tearing apart the old deck was a big job and Travis, Wade and Dan were a big help to Val. They also helped in the construction of the new deck. Kelsey served as Val's construction assistant. I stayed in the house where it was air conditioned. I love the end result - it is beautiful! Thank you Val for all your hard work.


Dan and Tara said...

Lookin good! The deck really does add so much to the house and now we have space to Q! So I came over this morning and got ready; you never come out and talk to me anymore...why meow meow

Nathan and Lara said...

Wow! Who knew Val was such a handyman? He certainly doesn't get it from his big brother...:) Way to go Val! It looks awesome! Oh...meow (apparently you have to say that to the Steed family when you see them)

Angelina Garcia said...

Hey, using Trex for your deck was definitely a great idea! Hopefully, the material has lived up to its claims, and that your deck is still in good condition all these years after you first laid it down. Has the weather affected your Trex deck at all?

Angelina Garcia